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Waste Reduction


Guide to Resuse, Reduce, RecycleThe Livingston County Waste Reduction Guide was developed to help find outlets for items that are difficult to manage.  This is intended to be an information tool only.  No endorsements are implied by any affiliated organization.  Please remember to call before you bring materials to ensure that the service is still available and that there are no additional requirements.

Click on the graphic at left to find out how to dispose
of just about anything.

If the particular item you have is not listed in the guide, please contact the Livingston County Solid Waste Program at 517.545.9609 or

If you are a business or organization that collects items for reuse or recycling and would like to be included in the waste reduction guide, please contact the Livingston county Solid Waste Program at 517.545.9609 or

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Solid Waste Management
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